Saturday, April 25, 2015

50 Days - 50 Questions | Celebrating 1000 Days

We are going to start "50 Days -  50 Questions " as a part of our celebration for 1000 days of Career@Physics . We shall be coming with many more contest .Keep following us.
We shall be asking one question related to physics daily from 26 April 2015(tomorrow ) to 15th June 2015 on our facebook page.
On the 1000th day i.e. 17th June 2015 , we shall be declaring the result and award the winner.
There will be 50 Daily winner
and  one contest winner.

For Daily Winner  :
Participant need to comment their answer on question post made on our facebook page by 11:59:59 PM of that day. One lucky person from all people giving correct answers of that question will be chosen as our daily winner. Winner will be announced on 17th June 2015. Each daily winner will be awarded with a gift on our 1000th Day (17 June 2015)
For Contest Winner :
A person giving highest correct answer within the time limit of each questions (11:59:59 Pm of that day question) on our facebook page will be announced as our contest winner for "50 Days - 50 Questions ". He/She will be awarded a Grand Surprise gift from our team on our 1000th Day (17th June 2015).

Correct answer and score points of participants will be updated from 3rd May 2015.
So keep participating in "50 Days - 50 Questions " contest. Ask your physics loving friends to participate in this!
Be the part of "Celebration of 1000 Days Career@Physics" !

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